Puppy Training

Dog Walking Equipment

Equipment that helps to make going for a walk comfortable for both you and your dog is invaluable.  We are often asked what items we recommend from the vast array of equipment that you will encounter in pet shops and online.  We recommend the use of a harness to protect your dog’s fragile neck region and your wallet (from potential …

Dogs surfing the net

Online Resources

There are some excellent resources on the web to help with all dog related subjects from raising a puppy to training, enrichment and feeding. Here are some of our favourites.

Enrichment Tools

It’s a sad fact that many of our pet dogs today are not fulfilling the potential that they were bred for and have the capacity and need to fulfill.  Many pet dogs were bred for retrieving, flushing, herding etc. etc. but now that they are no longer required for these purposes their inherent needs are not being met.  The result …


Everyone seems to have an opinion on how you should raise and train your puppy; from your next-door neighbour to the man in the park with his yellow Labrador.  If people agreed on the best methods, then it might not be such a mine field – but they don’t!  Everyone has a different opinion that they will happily share with …