We need some advice


We need some advice

A new family member, whether of the four pawed or two feet variety can have a big impact on your family dynamic.

John and Karen decided that bringing another dog into the family would help when they needed to leave their current dog, Bella, home alone for short periods (the new puppy would be a playmate and keep Bella company).  They wanted a smaller dog as Bella was a medium sized lurcher and they lived in a small house.  Karen found a litter of Jack Russell cross puppies that seemed to perfectly fit the bill and brought their little bundle of cuteness home to meet Bella and the rest of the family.  Bella (a highly prey driven sight hound) immediately viewed this small fluffy bundle as potential prey (not a new friend).  From day 1 the family seemed to spend more of their time protecting their new puppy (Tilly) from her supposed play mate than enjoying time with their family.  Tilly was unable to run freely as Bella chased her every time she moved any faster than a walk.  Bella was considerably larger than Tilly so easily hurt her.  Tilly became snappy with other dogs (not only Bella, but also with any other larger dog).  In the end, the family felt that the kindest thing to do for Tilly would be to rehome her.  Tilly found herself at a shelter with a behaviour issue (snapping and lunging at larger dogs) and the family were heartbroken.

Lurchers and Jack Russell Terriers have been working together for a long time, so this partnership would have worked with appropriate introductions, training and management in place.

Which dog or puppy is right for our family? We offer private (in your own home) sessions to help you reach a decision on which dog would be most suitable for your family: discussions on what you can comfortably provide for your new dog, breed choice or mixed breed choice, rescue vs breeder, adult vs puppy etc. We can help you to source a rescue dog or puppy via rescue centres or breeders. New family member? We offer private (one to one) sessions to prepare for a new arrival to your family.  This may be introducing a new dog/puppy to your existing family or introducing a new baby to your existing dog.  We also rather like cats (and kittens) so are happy to discuss the introduction of a new feline friend to your existing dog or the other way around.


Our Advice Services are based on positive methods and in-depth knowledge of family dog requirements. We also know about cats and kids and how to implement plans to unify a multi-species family.


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