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Our Dog needs Basic Manners


Our Dog needs Basic Manners

Teaching your dog basic manners will make living with your dog more pleasant for you, your dog, your family and anyone else who encounters your dog. It may also protect you from potential legal action, should your dog jump up at a vulnerable person (for example). Basic manners training also builds a basic language between you and your dog that you can use in unexpected situations.

Matt was going to take his super friendly Labrador Bailey out for his morning walk to the park. Matt just needed to tidy up the kitchen and get dressed first.Matt’s just going to tidy up the kitchen and get dressed first.  While tidying the kitchen Matt accidentally dropped a leftover crust of toast that was immediately gobbled up by Bailey.  When Matt opened the dishwasher to load it up, Bailey began licking the dirty cutlery even though Matt was saying ‘no Bailey, no Bailey’ and getting under Matt’s feet in the process!  Matt went to get dressed while Bailey (unbeknownst to Matt) entertained himself with Matt’s new trainers!  When Matt was ready to leave he grabbed Bailey’s lead which caused Bailey to rambunctiously jump around in excitement – it took Matt 2 minutes to get Bailey’s lead on.

Once his lead was attached and the front door opened, Bailey proceeded to drag Matt through the open door and along the street – Matt had to practically run to keep up.  Matt and Bailey met a lady that they have often seen along this route to the park – the lady crossed the road, as she knows what excited jumping up she would receive if she continued along that pavement.  Matt was embarrassed.  Once they reached the park, Matt kept Bailey on the lead as he knows that he doesn’t come back when he’s called, and Matt has had to chase him across the road in the past!  Bailey doesn’t get the level of exercise he needs to be calm in the house.

Which basic manners would make life better for Matt and Bailey?

Typical Basic Manners include:
  • Leaving things and dropping things when asked
  • Coming back when called – recall
  • Knowing how to focus on your people
  • Basic Cues: sit, down, wait etc.
  • Walking nicely on the lead
  • Polite greetings – no jumping up
  • Settling down when asked
  • Being easily handled at the vets or the groomers


Our basic manners training is based on positive, scientifically backed methods to help you and your dog live an easier and more fulfilling life together. To achieve these objectives, we offer group classes or private training sessions.

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