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Our dog has a behaviour issue!


Our dog has a behaviour issue!

With the help of a professional dog behaviourist you will be able to remove, reduce or (at least) better manage behaviour issues so that your life with your dog is enhanced.

Max was a 15-month-old German Shepherd cross who guarded the sofa from his dog housemate Lola and his food bowl from everyone.  Max growled when Lola tried to approach the sofa when his favourite human (Mike) was there and he growled when absolutely anyone approached his bowl while he was eating.  Mike and Claire (Max’s people) were worried that someone would get bitten or that Lola (who is considerably smaller than Max) would get seriously hurt when she stood up to him.  Mike and Claire were also thinking about starting a family so were worried about how that would work with Max’s guarding.  Mike and Claire contacted a behaviourist who was able to provide them with helpful and workable solutions to change Max’s thinking; instead of guarding his treasured stuff, he started to view the arrival of anyone near his food bowl and Lola’s movements towards the sofa as good things.  Mike and Claire were also provided with tools and knowledge of how best to integrate a baby into the family whilst keeping everyone safe.

Are you living with an issue that is affecting your life (freedom blocker)?

Are you living with an issue that is affecting your life (freedom blocker) such as your dog doesn’t like other dogs, so you can’t fully enjoy a walk together, or your dog is fearful or nervous around people, so you need to be extra vigilant or avoid them altogether!? Our specialist subjects are prevention of behaviour issues and basic manners training for family dogs.  We are happy to work with you and your dog concerning mild behaviour issues, however, or we may provide behaviour support (in combination with a behaviourist who may not be locally based) at an agreed price.


The first session is charged at £29 only – this is a taster session for us to meet and discuss your requirements and lasts for 30 minutes.

Subsequent sessions are charged at 79 per hour for relatively mild behaviour issues. We offer increased value depending on the number of sessions booked – see our value sessions below.


£219a saving of £18
  • 3 x 1h private session


£279a saving of £37
  • 4 x 1h private session


£339a saving of £56
  • 5 x 1h private session