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Puppy Packages


Puppy Packages

Puppy packages are the way to obtain the benefits of both group classes and private training sessions.

Not sure which is the best solution for you?  A puppy package provides the best of both services.  You attend a six-week group class with your puppy and receive tailored advice and training via our private training sessions.

Private training sessions can complement the skills that you have learned in class by applying them in your puppy’s home / local environment or they can cover areas that are not taught in class such as successful house-training.

Typical things we help with
  • House-training
  • Focus: how to gain your puppy’s attention
  • Tailored socialisation plan
  • Self-control at home: no nipping, leaving things and dropping things when asked, settling when asked etc.
  • Self-control when out on walks: coming back when called, walking nicely on the lead, no jumping up etc.
  • Cues: sit, down, wait etc.
  • Handling: easier grooming/vet visits
  • Relationship building games
  • Sensory and learning games
See our increased value puppy packages below.


£159a saving of £9
  • 6 week puppy class
  • 1 x 1h private session


£219a saving of £18
  • 6 week puppy class
  • 2 x 1h private session


£279a saving of £27
  • 6 week puppy class
  • 3 x 1h private session