Private Training Sessions


Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions are an opportunity to receive tailored training and management plans as well as advice and demonstrations on how best to implement them.

We offer private (one to one) sessions to teach fundamental life skills and share knowledge that is 100% tailored to your puppy, your life, your family and your home. Children, cats, cars, rabbits etc. – anyone and anything that features in your every-day life is welcome at these sessions.

The benefits of private training sessions are that the training will be built around your absolute requirements in your home or local environment and scheduled for an agreed, convenient time. Teaching your puppy in situ (whether that is in the kitchen or the local park) means less overall training time and better awareness of what works for your puppy in your environment.

Typical things we help with:
  • House-training
  • Focus: how to gain your puppy’s attention
  • Tailored socialisation plan
  • Self-control at home: no nipping, leaving things and dropping things when asked, settling when asked etc.
  • Self-control when out on walks: coming back when called, walking nicely on the lead, no jumping up etc.
  • Cues: sit, down, wait etc.
  • Handling: easier grooming/vet visits
  • Relationship building games
  • Sensory and learning games


£189a saving of £18
  • 3 x 1h private session


£239a saving of £37
  • 4 x 1h private session


£289a saving of £56
  • 5 x 1h private session