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New Puppy


New Puppy

Teaching your puppy about their world in a positive way will set you and your puppy up for success into adulthood; your puppy will have a much better chance of growing into a confident, predictable adult dog.

Poppy, a Labrador cross breed, doesn’t like other dogs; she lunges and barks at them, even when they are on the other side of the road.  Poppy’s person Judy, must take a completely different route to the park and go at a time when there aren’t likely to be many dogs around (in the dark!).

Teddy the Jack Russell terrier doesn’t like people he doesn’t know (including children!); he is fearful of them and either cowers behind his people or barks at them until they back off.  Julie and Marc must put Teddy in another room when new people come to the house and be super vigilant when out on walks, as Teddy has nipped a stranger who tried to stroke him.  Luckily, Teddy is a small dog so the damage to a full-grown man was minimal; the gentleman didn’t press charges. Taking Teddy to the vet is a nightmare, he must be muzzled but getting the muzzle on him is a battle.  Julie is worried about what will happen when her, eagerly awaited, grand-children arrive!

The above two dogs have one thing in common.  Do you know what it is?

The above two dogs were not positively socialised to our world during the critical period.  The most critical period of a dog’s life is approximately between 3 and 20 weeks of age.  This is the age that puppies are most accepting of new environments, people and other animals.  Socialising your puppy to the world in a positive way during this period gives your puppy the best chance of becoming a confident, well-adjusted adult dog.  You can teach an old dog new tricks, but you cannot easily socialise an older dog to new things and experiences.  As with most things; when raising a puppy prevention is better than cure.  Training your puppy – teaching them basic manners will help with providing positive socialisation and help set you up for a successful life together via a basic shared language.


Our puppy training is based on positive, scientifically backed methods to help you raise a well-adjusted, confident and predictable dog.  To achieve these objectives, we offer group classes, private training sessions or puppy packages that provide the benefits of both services.

Puppy Packages

Puppy packages are the way to obtain the benefits of both group classes and private training sessions.

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Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions are an opportunity to receive tailored training and management plans as well as advice and demonstration…

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Puppy Group Classes

Puppy class is the ideal opportunity for you and your puppy to make friends and socialise while learning new skills.

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