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Online Resources

Online Resources

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There are some excellent online resources to help with all dog related subjects from raising a puppy to training, enrichment and feeding.  Here are some of our favourites…

Positively is full of great advice and resources on dog care, training and management – a wealth of information on many dog related subjects.

All about Dog Food UK

All about Dog Food UK is a great resource to learn about which food is best for your dog.  This site is intended to be a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in their dog’s diet. The comprehensive feeding guide, dog food FAQ and dedicated dog food forum also give dog owners access to a huge amount of impartial nutritional advice.

Your purebred puppy

Your purebred puppy is a good place to begin reviewing your breed or crossbreed puppy characteristics prior to deciding on which dog could be a good fit for you and your family.

Dog Training by Kikopup

Kikopup provides great dog training videos covering a range of subjects from life skills to tricks.


The RSPCA website has loads of valuable information regarding purchasing a puppy or providing a home to an older dog, plus advice on welfare, training and many other animal related topics.  The article detailed here is for anyone thinking of purchasing a puppy.

The Labrador Site

This is a fabulous resource if you have a Labrador – it’s also wonderful if you have any other type of dog.  The Labrador Site was started in May 2011 by pet writer Pippa Mattinson.  Pippa is now an internationally recognized authority on dog training and care and a leading proponent of positive dog training methods.



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