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Long-Lasting Chews

Long-Lasting Chews

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Dogs need to chew; it helps to relieve stress, boredom and any teething related pain.  If appropriate chewing items aren’t available to your dog it’s likely that she will find inappropriate items to chew such as your furniture!

It’s possible to spend a lot of money on chews, so chews that last for a long time are money saving (even if they may not be the cheapest to buy in the first place).  It may take a little trial and error to work out which long-lasting chews your dog prefers.  Our favourites are listed below.


Antlers last for ages and many dogs absolutely love them.  You can buy these from various pet outlets including but the widest selection is available via the Green & Wild’s website.  Fallow deer antlers are softer than the original version so are better for puppies.  Green & Wilds also produce interesting chew roots for your chewer with a preference for wood.  No deer were hurt to obtain these chews – they are a naturally occurring product.  There is little to no smell so they are not something you would need to banish from the living room.

Yak Milk Chews

These last for ages too – they are not my dog’s first choice, but having run out of other things in her chewy armory she will happily chomp on one of these; other dogs absolutely love them though and would choose them first.  These are not smelly either.  You can buy them from most local pet shops including Pets@Home and Hungry Pets in Burnham.

Raw meaty bones

You can pick up bones from your butcher relatively cheaply; it’s likely that your dog will love them (ours does); even young puppies enjoy chewing on a raw meaty bone and can benefit from it.

A couple of words of warning about raw meaty bones: only give your dog a bone when you able to supervise your dog and only give your dog large raw bones – giving your dog a cooked bone could result in injury as cooking results in splintering. If your dog is new to raw meaty bones they may guard it to begin with; don’t try and take it from your dog, wait until they have become bored with it and walked away.  It is best to give your dog a raw bone when you know you will be at home for a few hours. If there is some left inside the cavity (when your dog walks away from it) you can then use a knife to scoop it out and spread it around the part of the bone that your dog can reach – you will soon become the bone superhero.  Once your dog has had several bones they will not see them as such a prized possession and you will be able to retrieve it (especially if you have become the bone superhero).  You can also buy many varieties of packaged bones such as these by Billy + Margot.

Billy & Margot Venison Marrow Bones

Using a toy for longer lasting chewing

You can make a chew (that your dog will munch in 2 seconds) last much longer by encasing it in a toy designed for treat filling (such as this Beco Bone toy).  Stuff the chew inside so that your dog has to work to retrieve it. Beco Bones

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