How we can help

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way for you and your dog to make friends, while learning new skills that will benefit both you and your dog throughout your lives together. We make it our mission to ensure that our learning is fun and inclusive of all human family members; children are always welcome in class.

Please note that not all dogs are comfortable with a group class approach – in this case private sessions are the better option. ​We run our classes in courses (as opposed to ‘drop in’) as exercises build on lessons previously learned; courses follow on from each other.

Puppy Classes

We offer group classes for puppies teaching fundamental skills.  Group classes are a great way for you and your puppy to make friends while learning beneficial skills.

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Basic Manners Classes

We run group classes for adult and adolescent dogs who have not attended our puppy courses.  We teach basic manners and fundamental life skills in class.

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Totally Recall

 My dog won’t come back when called! Totally Recall class is for you.  We focus purely on recall: having your dog come back to you when called.

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Private Dog Training

We offer private (one to one) sessions to teach fundamental life skills and share knowledge that is 100% tailored to your dog, your life and your family. Children, cats, cars, rabbits etc. – anyone and anything that features in your every-day life is welcome at these sessions.


Private training sessions are an opportunity to receive individualised training and management plans for your puppy, as well as advice and demonstrations on how best to implement them.

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Basic Manners

We offer private training sessions for adult or adolescent dogs teaching basic manners, recall or anything else that you wish to teach to your dog (within reason!).

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Behaviour Support

We offer behaviour support sessions for adult or adolescent dogs who have certain behaviour issues.

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