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Dog Walking Equipment

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Equipment that helps to make going for a walk comfortable for both you and your dog is invaluable.  We are often asked what items we recommend from the vast array of equipment that you will encounter in pet shops and online.  We recommend the use of a harness to protect your dog’s fragile neck region and your wallet (from potential vet visits arising from injury to this region).  Just below your dog’s collar sits the thyroid gland, lymph nodes, mandibular gland, trachea, artery and esophagus along with other veins – there is a high potential for damage should your dog pull on the lead.  We work (in training) to teach beautiful loose lead walking (walking close to you with no pulling) but this is not feasible for the whole length of a walk, so when your dog is able to meander (not next to a main road, for example) we advocate the use of a good, comfortable, harness.  Our favourites are:

The Perfect Fit Harness

The perfect fit harness comes in three pieces so that with some careful measuring you can obtain the perfect size for your dog.  It is soft and fleecy and comes in many colours. This harness has the additional bonus of not needing to be put on over your dog’s head – many dogs feel uncomfortable with over the head harness fitting.  There are two attachment points (one at the back and one at the front (at your dog’s chest) so that you can attach a double ended lead at both points for better control of your pulling dog (it’s kind of like using the reins when riding a horse).  The use of the front D ring means that as your dog pulls their body will move gently to the side lessoning their forward momentum and, therefore, the pulling.  It is a bit of a pain doing the measuring, but it is worth it for the perfect fit.  There is also a double ended fleece lead available in black.  You can order your perfect fit harness here: https://www.dog-games-shop.co.uk/perfect-fit-fleece-dog-harness.html

Ruffwear Everyday Harness

If the Perfect Fit doesn’t grab you then another good choice is a Ruffwear harness.  This one is their Front Range Harness which is suitable for all day, everyday, wear.  They have a range for various activities such as hiking for the adventurer in you.  This harness comes in a range of gorgeous colours and is padded for extra comfort.  It also has two attachment points for use with a double ended lead.  http://www.ruffwear.co.uk/dog-gear/harnesses/front-range-harness-ss17





Double Ended Lead

When using both attachments of a harness a double ended lead is required.  There are many available on the market – we use the ‘Company of Animals Halti training lead’.  We no longer attach it to the front of our dog’s harness but we love the flexibility of length that it provides (with the two attachments and several rings).  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Company-of-Animals-HTL-Training/dp/B00589G9YY

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