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Everyone seems to have an opinion on how you should raise and train your puppy; from your next-door neighbour to the man in the park with his yellow Labrador.  If people agreed on the best methods, then it might not be such a mine field – but they don’t!  Everyone has a different opinion that they will happily share with you until your head hurts with all the conflicting advice – I know, I’ve been there.  To help you narrow down the confusing amount of unsolicited advice, here is a short list of books that I have read, found hugely helpful and align to the most effective ways to train dogs and successfully live with them.

Train your Dog Positively by Victoria Stillwell

Victoria Stilwell’s book ‘How to Train Your Dog Positively’ covers raising your puppy from before you have even collected him.  It covers all the common questions that new puppy guardians ask plus some you haven’t thought of yet.  We highly recommend this book to guardians of dogs of any age but especially those of puppies.  You can purchase Victoria’s book at Amazon:

Life Skills for Puppies

Another wonderful puppy raising book is Life Skills for Puppies.  This book was written by two world renowned canine experts and details how to raise a confident, well-adjusted dog with wonderful photos.  You can purchase this book on Amazon here: Life Skills for Puppies – Amazon

The Happy Puppy Handbook

Another lovely puppy raising book is The Happy Puppy Handbook by pet writer Pippa Mattinson.  Pippa is an internationally recognized authority on dog training and care, and a leading proponent of positive dog training methods.  You can buy this book on Amazon here: The Happy Puppy Handbook – Amazon




Brain Games for Dogs

This book is full of great games and tricks that you can teach to your dog to enhance your lives together and tire your dog out on rainy days.  Teaching my dog to tidy up her own toys was a particular favourite in our household.  You can view the website of the knowledgeable writer here: You can buy this book on Amazon here: Brain Games for Dogs – Amazon

The Genius of Dogs

This book is for you if you are like me and want to geek out on dogs.  There are many more of this ilk, this is one of my personal favourites.





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